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Angelica Montini

Luna Shirt

Luna Shirt

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All products are numbered and non restockable, this is a one time only capsule.

This shirt was inspired by Galdrastafir symbolism found during a research on Icelandic culture and religions during my college studies. The pring was created to mirror our love and admiration for Icelandic culture.

Said to have been created by the gods, these symbols have been passed down from generation to generation before being recorded in the books of the modern era.

The Galdrastafir or Icelandic magic staves are used to invoke protection, fertility, wisdom and more. These magical sigils can be found all across the country and have even come to represent Icelandic culture to the rest of the world.

Wrists are embellished with hand strung original 100+ year old handmade kuchi crescent pendants coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Kuchi, a Persian word meaning ‘those who go on migrations’.  The Kuchis are a nomadic tribe who have lived along the ancient routes bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This product is 100% made in Milano, Italy. Coins come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.


100% Mesh

100% Cotton

100% Silver

100% Silk



Fits from XS - L

Care Instructions

Hand wash only

Air dry only

Coins must not get washed

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