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Angelica Montini

Leather Chaps

Leather Chaps

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The pants can be found in MODES Paris, Milano and St Moritz.

These Leather Chaps have been carefully created sourcing top tier leather and the best leather craftsmanship producers in the world. The process begins with the careful sourcing of premium quality leather, characterised by its supple texture and durability. Each pair of chaps is then meticulously cut, stitched, and tailored to perfection, reflecting the commitment to precision that defines Italian craftsmanship. The result is a masterpiece that not only embodies the essence of Italian style but also boasts unparalleled quality, making these leather chaps a testament to the country's legacy of excellence in leather production.

These trousers have premium quality made in Italy buckles incorporated within the pant.


100% Mesh

100% Cotton

100% Silver

100% Silk



Fits from XS - L

Care Instructions

Hand wash only

Air dry only

Coins must not get washed

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