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Angelica Montini

Adya Short Sleeve

Adya Short Sleeve

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Adya (sun) Shirt

Designed in 2021, whilst studying in university Mongolian culture for a project, the Adya (sun) shirt was conceived. Born through a research and strong respect for Mongolian costumes and history, the photos featured in the print are scans from old postcards , paying tribute to Mongolian Queens. Through this shirt we want to mirror our big admiration and love for for the culture.

Kuchi, a Persian word meaning ‘those who go on migrations’.  The Kuchis are a nomadic tribe who have lived along the ancient routes bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This product is 100% made in Milano, Italy


100% Mesh

100% Cotton

100% Silver

100% Silk



Fits from XS - L

Care Instructions

Hand wash only

Air dry only

Coins must not get washed

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